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me 2
sorry hun but i have to go
bye love ya
posted on 08.26.07 | 5:15
hey how are ya today?
posted on 08.26.07 | 5:00
ok bye
kisses, luv ya
posted on 08.25.07 | 8:51
i like everything :)
she looks super hot and beautiful .
i cant wait to see it on tv
posted on 08.25.07 | 8:45
it was great :)
i went to austria to shopping and i bought some clothes, pcd dvd, new album of kelly clarkson and my brother bought p!nk dvd.
did u see video whatever u like?
posted on 08.25.07 | 8:40
hey girly :) how are you today?
posted on 08.25.07 | 8:34
im good! nice to meet u
posted on 08.25.07 | 7:21
hi! how r u?
posted on 08.25.07 | 6:16
pcdthebest said
why dont u write me back?:'(
posted on 08.25.07 | 4:05
pcdthebest said
im back
so,u can write me in mail
posted on 08.25.07 | 3:55