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Vanessa met a new friend on the Pussycat Dolls Community
Female, 18, Canada
Vanessa met a new friend on the Pussycat Dolls Community
Female, 33, United Kingdom
Victoria Beckham
Vanessa met a new friend on the Pussycat Dolls Community
Male, 21, Venezuela
Vanessa met a new friend on the Pussycat Dolls Community
Male, 22, United States
Vanessa wrote in Jade's guestbook
1, 2, 3... PCD!!!
Joined: 8/10/2007
Her Name Is Nicole
2399 members
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nickiesfan said
Hey doll! Thanks for the e-mail and I miss ya! Ttys! xoxo Nicky :)
posted on 08.23.07 | 4:26
franck13 said
Hi! thnx u for add me.... =D
posted on 08.23.07 | 1:39
kstylle said
I'm good thanx! Hows it going in your world?
posted on 08.23.07 | 11:31
heyy...u recently..added me as ur friend...i just wanted to stop by n say hi...n how are you...n tell u how gudd the pc u drew of pcd...the pic of kimberly is HOTT!!!lol...ttylxxxxAsha
posted on 08.23.07 | 10:28
Sab said
Ca me fait super plaisir! =D J'aime vraiment ce que tu fais alors c la moindre des choses de tle dire! Je doi spas être la seule mais bon...
posted on 08.23.07 | 10:17
Sab said
Salutt! J'ai vu ton dessin de Nicole! =O WOW! tellement magnifique! J'laime trop! =D Continue comme ça!
posted on 08.23.07 | 6:38
Wow... I do art @ school but I cant draw like that!! xxxxxxx Its awesome!!
posted on 08.23.07 | 4:32
im fine
what r u up 2
posted on 08.23.07 | 2:11
catalina said
well, the first part of the day was boring, but in the evening i go out with some friends... and speek on mess with others
posted on 08.22.07 | 3:39
catalina said
i'm ok u's nice to meet some one from canada

posted on 08.22.07 | 3:25
camilla said
haha ok i love david his so funny but their all are hehe their so awsome :)
posted on 08.22.07 | 11:51
camilla said
hehe ok i love david omg his like everything :) luv him so much
posted on 08.22.07 | 11:40
camilla said
u do thats really cool yeah i know their crazy but they are so funny haha whos ur fav in sp?
posted on 08.22.07 | 11:02
how r u
posted on 08.22.07 | 10:57
jojo said
hi i'm fime thx 4 asking what about u ?
i'm very very sorry 4 not answer u earlier but i had perblomes with my computer sorry xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
posted on 08.22.07 | 6:57
yeh its awesome!! did u draw that pic of kim?? xxxxxxxxxx
posted on 08.22.07 | 5:17
camilla said
hehe ok cool well im a totally simple plan freak lol but i also like kelly clarkson pcd papa roach allister paramore linkin park the all american rejects jojo Ne-Yo and evanescence so moslty i like listen to rock pop music things but i like rnb stuffs to hehe
posted on 08.22.07 | 1:59
camilla said
yeah same here im like always listening to music hehe whats ur fav bands/singers?
posted on 08.21.07 | 2:16
camilla said
hehe cool eehm my hobbies eehm i love shopping :) then i love music reading magazines about celebs haha and i like to sit here watching tv and movies lol wbu?
posted on 08.21.07 | 2:04
camilla said
well here u have to go to college to get work after i dont wanna go but i have to which sucks eehm i dont now which program im gonna take i dont need to think about that yet yeah i wanna know whos on ur pic who is it?
posted on 08.21.07 | 1:56
camilla said
ooh ok well yeah we have 10 grades here or actually its only 9 yeah and then after that u have to go to college in 3 years or more and then u can start working omg and i have 5 fucking years left i hate it but thats life btw whos on ur pic?
posted on 08.21.07 | 1:47
camilla said
hahah ok :P yeah school sucks as hell well i will start in the 8th grade omg haha wbu? or mabey ur not in school hehe
posted on 08.21.07 | 12:03
camilla said
hahah ok are u in the car right now or what? well i will start the fucking school on monday which i hate so much right now im home listening to music and on here as always hehe wbu?
posted on 08.21.07 | 11:56
Hey Babe said
Oh sooooo kool! i jus saw you drawing and i loveee it sooo much wow ur good! :D we sould draw the same thing one day and compare them... :D
posted on 08.21.07 | 11:22
camilla said
cool well thanx :) i like ur site to its cool ;) no i dont actually have a fav song hehe i like them all wbu?
posted on 08.21.07 | 9:11