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One thing I will add is there are a large number of "Nicoles" in modern music. Even an R&B singer named Nicole Benn. Nina Sky is not a PERSON. Two identical twins named Nicole...
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IluvChristina left a comment for a topic
Has anyone also noticed this? Acronym for Her Name is Nicole... is HNIN. Turn it around and it is NINH. Almost NINA? Get it?
IluvChristina left a comment for a topic
Her Hair is not naturally Black! Look at some of the old photos; the black hair is a recent development. I think her look has, take your pick, [matured evolved transformed grow...
IluvChristina left a comment for a topic
I cannot imagine "Double The Trouble" without Nicole.
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how r u
posted on 08.20.07 | 8:06
Arohie said
Hey!! Please vote for my design!! Thanks :)
posted on 08.18.07 | 6:40
lil g said please vote for it
posted on 08.10.07 | 9:10
PCDhott said
Hey! Can you please vote for me in the design contest? Thanks so much in advance!!
posted on 08.10.07 | 8:49
Jazmine said

That is my things..please vote for me!??
posted on 08.09.07 | 8:43
Coral said
vote 4 my design!! please =) thanks =D
posted on 08.01.07 | 8:32
Hey Please vote,And tell one friend if you could! It's a whole new design. hope you like it.Thanks so much I appreciate it
posted on 07.31.07 | 3:26
dee said
"I would like to keep my knee, though. ROFL."

LMAO. was I the only one who got the joke?
posted on 07.30.07 | 9:56
sumeet said
hey !!!!!

please vote for my design :):)
posted on 07.25.07 | 3:58
Going stir-crazy, but besides that I am OK.
posted on 07.21.07 | 8:36