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BabyDoll680 met a new friend on the Pussycat Dolls Community
Female, 19, United States
BabyDoll680 met a new friend on the Pussycat Dolls Community
Female, 22, United States
BabyDoll680 met a new friend on the Pussycat Dolls Community
Male, 20, Austria
BabyDoll680 met a new friend on the Pussycat Dolls Community
Female, 15, United States
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noOosa said
i love your pic
posted on 08.26.07 | 4:33
Hel$ said
Hello! It's my work I think u will vote for this & advice to the friends:
posted on 08.23.07 | 3:04
Preston J said
hi how r u
posted on 08.22.07 | 2:00
Arohie said
Hey! Please vote for my design! Thanks :)
posted on 08.18.07 | 6:30
Preston J said
oh u do hmmmm I don't have one keep forgeting to get one but ussually I don't chat online alot so lol this rare for me to even be chating up a storm right now lol I have aim though presjbody is my screen name u should get one but haha im not on that often either
posted on 08.18.07 | 5:53
Preston J said
really u have'nt here a list of whats suppose to be on it
haha im a nicole scherzinger junkie lol so do u have a myspace or sumthin so we can chat more

01. 3 way (love triangle) feat mya & bobby valentino
02. baby love
03 I M.I.S.S U feat pharrell
04 wanna dance feat diddy & kanye west
05 just say yes
06 no happily nevr after feat ne-yo
07 physical feat timbaland
08 puakenikeni
09 super villian
10 turn up the radio
11 whatever you like feat T.I.
12 winning women
13 It's Our World featuring Will.I.Am & Justin Timberlake
posted on 08.18.07 | 5:42
Preston J said
haha u see a pic of me don't U lol my profile duh haha anyway have u heard any other songs from nicole's album I like dat song physical I heard it in the fantastic 4 movie
posted on 08.18.07 | 5:36
Preston J said
so ur name is jessica so I guess u like the name nina or sumthin so how is ur day what did u end up doing oh and do have a pic of ur self haha Though I do enjoy looking at the yin & yang sign lol
posted on 08.18.07 | 5:22
Preston J said
oh whoops sorry I reply late so whats ur name
posted on 08.18.07 | 5:14
Preston J said
hi whats sup
posted on 08.18.07 | 4:52
love the new pic!! OXOXO
posted on 08.14.07 | 5:53
thanks 4 the add!!!!!!!!!
posted on 08.14.07 | 12:37
PCD119 said
hey I sent u a message. do u have myspace that we can chat on?
posted on 08.14.07 | 9:03
camilla said
ur welcome :)
posted on 08.11.07 | 12:37
sugardoll said
Hi Baby doll. How are you today?
posted on 08.11.07 | 10:35
posted on 08.10.07 | 5:59
ravchoi said
hey wastup
posted on 08.10.07 | 5:26
Hi please vote for my purse design --------> LatinVip707
posted on 08.09.07 | 5:01
lil g said
posted on 08.09.07 | 3:36
camilla said
mine is ashley sure i vote for u design ;)
posted on 08.07.07 | 5:36