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me, myself and i
Joined: 8/13/2007
Her Name Is Nicole
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Strick said
good to hear things are going well for you..besides the whole boss thing!
posted on 08.23.07 | 1:05
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posted on 08.23.07 | 4:36
camilla said
hahha :P okey so what will u do this weekend?
posted on 08.23.07 | 2:42
no i didnt :( cuz they have never been in spain :( so sad... nd wuz ur fav song?
posted on 08.23.07 | 1:31
31/08 :)) yeah, its always a difficult question for me! never know what i want...
posted on 08.23.07 | 1:10
Uhm.. I was fine all the time:) getting out with friends all the time, enjoying last days of summer! but im still not ready for my friend's wedding...
posted on 08.22.07 | 4:01
awww mine is nicole but i love all of them 2 :) nd im just chatting nd listening to music... have u ever seen pcd live?
posted on 08.22.07 | 2:21
im just chatting and im bored
posted on 08.22.07 | 1:59
camilla said
yeah really haha im born 93 haha u?
posted on 08.22.07 | 1:53
GibsonGuy said
hey whts up
posted on 08.21.07 | 8:22
So you're back?:) how was it? im curious:) i was keen on role-playing games on different historical events (for some days somewhere far from civilization:D), was in some historical club... but now its gone for some reason:) but i still like travelling and sight-seeing:)
posted on 08.21.07 | 6:05
camilla said
haha yeah i remember we talked about but seriusly that is so cool we got the same birthday :)
posted on 08.21.07 | 3:53
im gud thx :) nice pics ...wot r u doing?
posted on 08.21.07 | 1:12
im great
what are ya doin
posted on 08.21.07 | 12:21
Strick said
i got alot going on in my life right now...but you know take things one day at a time! bout you?...oh and thanks..i did have an actual pic of just me up..but i changed it cuz i started getting too many messages on how i was hot or whatever!..haha
posted on 08.20.07 | 9:59