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i start school on Tuesday aug 28., when do u start school?
posted on 08.23.07 | 6:33
hi cool pic! Can you please vote for my design in the contest? I'd appreciate it!!!

PLease Vote 4 Me!!!!! OXOXO
posted on 08.21.07 | 8:04
What's up Dolls
posted on 08.21.07 | 8:17
I love them all, there all real cool girls and i really admire them!
Vanessa x
posted on 08.17.07 | 3:18
jojo432 said
hey how are you doing? I was wondering if you could vote for my design please? Thanks and have a great day
posted on 08.12.07 | 8:32
haha,, but ig you were wouldnt you be a member of ?????
posted on 08.09.07 | 2:39
hi vote for this pretty design please thank you!
posted on 08.09.07 | 1:44
Pussycat Dolls & robin Antin lol x
posted on 08.04.07 | 1:51
posted on 08.03.07 | 12:00
pcdthebest said
plz add me as ur friend
posted on 08.03.07 | 12:00
Hey how are ya? My fav doll is Nicole too! Shes the best! What are ya doin?
posted on 08.03.07 | 11:39
pcdthebest said
thanx 4my pic of pcd:)
posted on 08.03.07 | 11:23
#1DOLL said
hey doll hw r ya ??? thanx 4 the message im fine n u ???? nicole is my idol she is so amazing i geuss ur a nicole fan 2
anyway plz gt bk luv ya victoria nicoles biggest fan xxxxxx
posted on 08.03.07 | 6:12
Pussycat Dolls & robin Antin!!!
posted on 08.03.07 | 5:43
PussyCat Dolls n Robin Antin!!!!!!
posted on 08.03.07 | 4:56
Pussycat Dolls & Robin Antin !!!!!!
posted on 08.03.07 | 4:28
idk (they both rock!)
Puff Daddy!!

posted on 08.02.07 | 8:40
Who Is Better Pussycat Dolls Or Danity Kane?
Who is better Robin Antin Or Puff Daddy?

posted on 08.02.07 | 7:51
What's up everyone I am Francesca.
posted on 08.01.07 | 7:54
thank you!
whats up?

posted on 08.01.07 | 3:01