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Her Name Is Nicole
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heya thx lol im gd u?
posted on 08.27.07 | 2:21
hello!yes i've voted for you,because it's the best one by far.:) good luck.hope you win it!
posted on 08.27.07 | 12:33
Totally voted!! You've got some gr8 ideas!
posted on 08.27.07 | 12:26
mr lonely said
i've allready voted for it
posted on 08.26.07 | 2:06
ты смотрел новый фильм,"симпсоны в кино"?клевый фильм!!!
posted on 08.26.07 | 1:58
will sry no idon't .. i use to be hv one but someone steal it
posted on 08.26.07 | 1:49
posted on 08.26.07 | 1:47
hi!i will vote 4 U^^
posted on 08.26.07 | 1:37
yeah i'll see wut i can do
posted on 08.26.07 | 9:01
nickiesfan said
Hey Alex! I voted for you! Miss ya! Ttys! Nicky :)
posted on 08.25.07 | 6:21
What I had done
2 Days ago

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