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-Franck13- wrote in sheri's guestbook
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sheri said
yeah,me 2
posted on 08.30.07 | 1:46
sheri said
I like this song,she is soooo good,amazing:)
posted on 08.30.07 | 1:31
sheri said
chatting and listening music
posted on 08.30.07 | 1:23
sheri said
:) what are you doing?
posted on 08.30.07 | 8:52
sigrid said
i think ur the only member here who got a lots of friends... how did u do that..? did they add you or you just add them?!. lolz im only got a few friends here so sad....
posted on 08.30.07 | 3:42
sheri said
hey I'm Ok u?
posted on 08.30.07 | 2:16
thanxs i like u're music 2. ilike cassie song a long way 2 go. so would u add me as 1 of u're friends.
posted on 08.29.07 | 1:26
LeoShev said
hey Franck...estoy muy bien!! y tu como estas?
mande un beso a tu primas ok!!! jajajajjajaja
um grande abrazo!!!
posted on 08.29.07 | 12:18
sigrid said
wow.. u got a lots of friends...xoxo
posted on 08.29.07 | 5:57
hey!! estoy muy bien y tu como vas????? besssosssss
posted on 08.29.07 | 1:49
Anna_PL said
isn't that gabi espino -marianhela????
posted on 08.28.07 | 3:50
-Franck13- said
YEAHHHH!me too,I think the same that you
posted on 08.28.07 | 3:21
sheri said
yes i listening do it well and i think this song is amazing,i love her so much
posted on 08.28.07 | 2:58
sheri said
OMG do you like J.Lo?because I love her sooooo much
posted on 08.28.07 | 2:47
sheri said
what are you doing?
posted on 08.28.07 | 2:14
sheri said
hi I'm fine,u?
posted on 08.28.07 | 2:03
Whatsup?! How are ya?! I’m Cassie! Anyway, theres this really cool and awesome forum, dedicated to Nicole and the dolls. It’s a great place to make friends and such! You also get the latest PCD news, media, pictures and other kinds of things! So come check us out at!
posted on 08.27.07 | 6:02
jaja simpre repiten las comedias bunas jaja
posted on 08.27.07 | 5:00
sos mi vida la de Natalia Oreiro y Facundo Arana?? si esa si ya termino hace rato ak jaja...y averigue donde va en que parte viven mis primos es en El Valle
posted on 08.27.07 | 4:10
hey ur welcome
posted on 08.27.07 | 2:22