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Aller Sophy vient sur msn...please (jfais little english)

Nicole est connecté.....I'm happy
posted on 08.30.07 | 12:56
Sab said
Pkoi tu viens pas sur msn? =( Je voulais qu'on parle!
Tk! Sinon, écris-moi ici et on se parle sur le site!
Sabrina -xxx-
posted on 08.30.07 | 10:49
pcdthebest said
how r ya
posted on 08.30.07 | 10:12
ello, y a eu un beug smatin...

(va sur msn)
posted on 08.30.07 | 10:02
ddaaiissyy said
yeaaaah dancing is my pasionn!! And you?
posted on 08.29.07 | 1:32
Ta pas msn kon fasse + amples connaisances??
posted on 08.29.07 | 1:27
Ta pas msn kon fasse + amples connaisances??
posted on 08.29.07 | 1:27
ddaaiissyy said
now i;m chatting here and search for great dance moves on youtube,,
and you?
posted on 08.29.07 | 1:05
D3vill said
Nicole n Jess ;) do u like any sports??
posted on 08.29.07 | 12:11
D3vill said
nothin special :) chattin listening to music who's ur fav doll??
posted on 08.29.07 | 12:02