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Her Name Is Nicole
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Nicole Scherzinger met a new friend
Female, 13, Slovakia
Nicole Scherzinger met a new friend
Male, 15, France
Nicole Scherzinger met a new friend
Female, 22, Canada
Nicole Scherzinger met a new friend
Female, 15, Thailand
My soul pleads for you
Nicole Scherzinger met a new friend
Female, 13, United States
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lexy said
Nicole I love you,you are so beautifull and tallented I wanna be like you!Love uuuuuuuuuuuuu
posted on 08.29.07 | 4:55
angel_2326 said
hi nicole
posted on 08.29.07 | 4:42
Xtina_pcd said
we love u soooooo much, nikky!!!
posted on 08.29.07 | 4:20
sam said
hi nicole u really rock...
keep rocking....
posted on 08.29.07 | 3:19
ajdex453 said
hi nicole you are the greatest person on this world and i think i speak for all if i say we love you and keep going your way thanks for everything you give to us we will always love our nicole scherzinger
posted on 08.29.07 | 2:25
Hello Nicole!!!!I love you so much!And I love your new project!I'm the boy from Romania!the one that gaved u a lil' present!
posted on 08.29.07 | 2:09
hey how r u? i everything that ur doing & i wish u the best. and 8-25 was my birth day! and i got the hounds and hearts pcd hat and anchor bandana!
posted on 08.28.07 | 7:27
Hi Nicole! How are you?
posted on 08.28.07 | 7:11
beanie said
hiya nikki i love your new video its brill that video makes me feel that i want to do it to but i have to be famours love u nicole
posted on 08.28.07 | 6:39
pcd#1fan said
Hey Nicole how are you u are my favorite 1 from pcd
posted on 08.28.07 | 6:28