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JT met a new friend
Male, 21, United States

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JT wrote in S3xy B00's guestbook
JT wrote in S3xy B00's guestbook
JT met a new friend on the Pussycat Dolls Community
Female, 22, United States
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will itr's nice to meet u JT i'm nalty u can call me nat^_^
i'm fine nd u sweety^_^
okay ii'm gona to add u sweety^_^
posted on 08.25.07 | 3:04
franck13 said
thnx u, I have problems, I can't see them
posted on 08.24.07 | 8:25
franck13 said
Do you can see my new pics?
posted on 08.24.07 | 8:20
franck13 said
Well bad,right here this raining much
posted on 08.24.07 | 8:19
franck13 said
i'm fine,=D
posted on 08.24.07 | 8:12
franck13 said
hi! jt, how are u?
posted on 08.24.07 | 7:54
S3xy B00 said
ya why....... do u care about that
posted on 08.24.07 | 7:44
S3xy B00 said
hey read my about me thing
posted on 08.24.07 | 7:19
S3xy B00 said
posted on 08.24.07 | 6:01
S3xy B00 said
posted on 08.24.07 | 5:55
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