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stelistul_unknown_Romania left a comment for a video
this song is so so good and sentimental...It makes me think about life and her importance ....Nicole I LOVE YOU !!!! almost cry at this song...God Bless Nicole and Avant !

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Male, 14, Romania
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stelistul_unknown_Romania left a comment for a photo
peace Nikki ;)....'ur smile is peeeeerfect ! ~LoV3~ Vlad
stelistul_unknown_Romania left a comment for a photo
her eyes ! :X:X:X:X:X
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Melissa said
okey (A) yeah i`m fine to :)
posted on 08.29.07 | 6:34
Lovelypopi said
Hey !! u don't sleep??
posted on 08.28.07 | 1:51
maSSacru said
Sal ! pey ce sa fac...fac bn .
Tu ce faci ?
posted on 08.28.07 | 6:04
Lovelypopi said
ahah i love it too ;) Go on MSN :)
posted on 08.28.07 | 4:22
hi how are u want be friend??
posted on 08.27.07 | 6:08
Lovelypopi said
Hey Vlad, why are u offline in MSN ?
posted on 08.27.07 | 3:34
Melissa said
Hey how are you ?
posted on 08.27.07 | 2:46
Lovelypopi said
Vlad :)
posted on 08.26.07 | 11:25
thx hun :) idk where is she, is of her new photoshoot... do u have msn?
posted on 08.26.07 | 3:10
McLovin said
hey there! im doin great how are you??
posted on 08.25.07 | 12:30